1. What is Delta Epsilon Mu?
Delta Epsilon Mu is a professional co-ed fraternity that unites students with interests in the health fields.

2. What is pre-health and how is it different from pre-med or pre-dental?
Pre-health encompasses a variety of fields concerning human health. They include, but are not limited to, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, psychology, public health and medicine. Pre-medicine and pre-dentistry are sub-disciplines of pre-health.

3. What is the difference between a professional and social fraternity?
A professional fraternity takes dedication and support onto a higher level. As members who are all interested in pursuing similar pre-health goals, we go through much of the same undergraduate experience. We commit ourselves not only to academics but also the community. However, DEM isn’t about all work and no play. We counterbalance our rigorous studying schedule with many social activities and adventures throughout a given quarter.

4. How long has DEM been around?
The first chapter of the fraternity was founded in 1996 at Binghamton University in New York. The GWU chapter was formed in the fall semester of 2010.

5. What kind of activities does the fraternity participate in?
DEM participates in numerous activities both on campus and in the community. In the past we have done CPR certification, Relay for Life, Buzzing for Change, Trick-or-Treat for Service, as well as social and philanthropic events. Check out our photos under the “Media” tab to see some of the events we have been involved with in the past!

6. Why should I join a pre-health organization instead of a specific health field?
DEM provides a student with a well-rounded college experience that isn’t exclusive to specific health fields. We believe learning about all health fields is not only beneficial, but also essential to any student who intends on entering a health-related field.

7. Does DEM haze?
No. Delta Epsilon Mu intends on maintaining its professional aspect by following an anti-hazing policy. All prospective new member activities are completely voluntary.

8. How do I become a member of the fraternity?
It is crucial that you attend two out of our three recruitment week events. If you are offered a bid and accept, you are required to successfully complete the orientation process before becoming an active member of Delta Epsilon Mu.

9. What kind of a time commitment will be required of me during the pledge process?
We suggest that prospects leave as much free time in their schedule as possible. While the Provisional Member Educators will try to plan events around students’ schedules, prospects should expect to spend a considerable amount of time dedicating themselves to the fraternity.

10. What factors will the fraternity take into consideration before offering bids?
We will extensively review each potential prospect’s qualities and potential to contribute to the fraternity before making our decision.

11. How many bids will be offered?
There is no set minimum or maximum number of prospects we intend to accept.

12. Do I have to be interviewed?
Yes. The interview process is meant to be a learning experience for prospects as well as for the actives to interact with you on a professional level.

13. Are there member dues? How much are they? What is the money used for?
Yes. The amount will be disclosed after you get your bid. The money is used for your membership process and throughout your involvement with the fraternity.

14. So, why join DEM?
If you’re looking for a family with similar interests and want to get involved with the community, then DEM might be for you! We also have awesome resources like education panels, RateMyDEMProfessor (for advice on classes), and a growing network of chapters across the country. Members not only help the community and study together, but also have fun social events throughout the year. Check out the “Media” section and talk to members to learn more about how DEM can become an essential part of your time in college!

15. I am really interested in joining DEM, but I can’t make it to any of the Recruitment Week Events. Is that OK? What should I do?
If for any reason you can’t make it to any of the events but are still very interested in joining Delta Epsilon Mu, please email us at gwprehealth@gmail.com.

This FAQ page was adapted from the Beta Chapter of the University of California, Davis California.